Revealed in this article...

●      3 Abs-getting Myths that waste your time and energy.

●      The 3 keys to getting a set of well defined, washboard abs that the ladies drool over.

●      Why hard work alone will never get your abs to show!

●      How to burn fat for GOOD, and keep it off!

During my long career as a personal trainer and fitness model, the single question I get most from people is what did I do to get such well defined abs, and what they can do to achieve the same.

Since so many people were asking me this question, I decided to spill the beans in this short article.

So if you're looking to get the kind of washboard abs that fitness models have, in the fastest way possible, then you’ll want to read this article to the very end.

Let me give you a little background about myself, so that you know I'm not one of those scammers in the health and fitness business.

I’ve been a professional fitness model for 7 years. 

As a professional fitness model I have came in:

  • Top in the 2010 World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (WBBF) World Championship
  • Top 6 in the 2011 World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (WBBF) Championship pro class
  • Top in the Vancouver Championship
  • Top 6 in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF), the competition which admits you to International Fitness Body Building (IFBB) 
  • 3rd place in Fame Toronto show

I’ve also been featured in popular blogs such as, a popular blog which I was requested to write for them and share my knowledge,,, and Fitness Magazines such as Fit and Firm Magazine, World Physique Magazine, Muscle Insider Magazine, and more.

I’m also a personal fitness trainer who has helped clients get into the best shape of their lives

4 of my clients have even gone on to compete in bodybuilding competitions and been ranked top 4 in the competition.

In all my years in the health and fitness industry, I've seen it all.

So trust me when I say that there are many abs training and ab workout programs or weight loss programs out there that are simply scams.

There are many programs out there that claim there’s this magical way to getting abs by eating "special foods" that burn belly fat, or by doing some “special exercise” that burns fat in just a few days.

It's absolute rubbish.

Think about it - If it was so easy, everyone would have abs by now!

Getting abs requires effort.

Anyone who tells you otherwise SHOULD NOT be trusted.

But here's the thing.

Although you do need to put in effort to get abs, you CAN dramatically reduce that effort required and get abs faster, if you know the right way to do it.

It’s just like when you’re learning something new. You can learn it on your own but take longer, or have a tutor guide you with the right knowledge so you learn faster and easier.

And, if you want to get "Fitness model" abs, you need to stick to a more advanced abs workout routine to make your abs extremely defined.

Now, in case you’re wondering, I definitely didn't get my abs by having good genes or a "naturally more athletic body."

Here’s why you DO NOT need to be a bodybuilder or fitness expert or have “good genes” to get amazing abs

Take a look at the picture on the right. ------>

That was how my abs looked like not so long ago.

NOTHING special right?

The fact is that I’m not a special person with a special body. I'm just a regular person like you.

I need to do the same things you need to do to get abs.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been frustrated for years, longing to have those flat, well-defined abs that all the girls love.

I remember how I used to hate going to the beach. All the guys with amazing abs would take off their shirt and they would get all the girls' attention.

When I looked at those guys with washboard abs, I couldn't help but feel envious.

My insecurity and lack of confidence didn't just apply to the times when I went to the beach.

Anywhere I went, I would be consciously aware about my belly.

Whenever I went out, I would try to "suck in" my belly by breathing in slightly and holding my breath, so that I looked like I had a flat belly.

Can you relate to my experience?

It’s not cool, is it? 

Then there came a time when I just couldn't take it anymore. 

I just HAD to get abs.

The benefits were just too great.

I mean, who doesn't want to take off their shirt and get all the attention, never have to suck their stomach in when they go out, and just generally feel amazing all the time?

So I strove to get the most beautiful abs I could possibly get.

I didn't just want normal abs. 

I wanted the washboard abs that fitness models had.

I wanted to reach the highest level.

I wanted to get abs that had real definition, and that "popped" out.

Because let's face it - all ladies LOVE a nice, well-defined, 6 pack abs.

So I read tons of books to find out the science of how our bodies lose fat and gain muscle, I also studied exercise routines and researched about nutrition from the best fitness experts in the world.

And let me tell you...

I came across lots of scams. LOTS.

How do I know? 

Because some of the things I implemented just flat out didn’t work!

If you've tried any other program but haven't gotten results from it, you probably understand what I'm talking about.

These programs talk about how easy it is to get abs, about how you just have to eat a few “super foods” that burn belly fat.

So let me tell you what does NOT work and bust some abs-getting myths!

ab training before and after

I went from this THIS in 6 months!

"The results that my real-life clients achieve in 6 WEEKS serve as absolute proof that the program works"

Once I got this amazing result, then as they say, the rest is history.

I’ve literally had girls stare at me at the beach (like completely fixated on me and whispering to their friends)! Girls who I don’t know approach me at the bar, and even walk up to me to give me their phone number.

Seeing my life change so dramatically, I decided to become a personal trainer to help others look better and live a better life.

I immediately got hired and fully booked for the entire year!

But this was a big problem for me.

As a personal trainer, I was limited by my time, and I couldn’t get more clients even if I wanted to.

You see, I wanted to help as many people as possible get washboard abs and feel amazing about themselves, but I could only be at one place at one time.

So I knew that if I wanted to help more people, I needed to come up with a solution to this. 

I needed to create a solution that could take my physical self out of the situation allowing me to show people what I believe is the best way to get abs.

So what was the solution I came up with?

I decided to create a complete “Fitness Model” abs program that anyone can follow to get best abs of their life.

Introducing: Ultimate Abs Training - The New Abs Training program to help you get “Fitness model” Abs in 6-12 weeks.

Ultimate Abs Training was created from my long career as a personal trainer and fitness model, and having shown my clients the secret exercises and nutrition that I have followed myself in order to get the abs I have today.

It’s the EXACT program that I use for myself and my clients to get the best abs of their lives, as quickly as possible.

It shows you....

  • The exact diet I use each day, 24/7, so that you can simply copy it, and watch your body fat melt away, and your muscles growing and becoming more toned and firm, rock solid - Burn belly fat and build lean muscle at the same time!
  • The advanced abs exercises used by fitness models that make your abs “pop” -  Many people have abs that are flat (not that attractive). Follow my advanced abs routine and you’ll carve out the most defined abs of your life.
  • How to burn fat and keep it off - Does your weight loss seem to have stalled? Have you lost weight, only to put it back on again? If so, your abs will never show. No wonder so many fitness programs don't work. They only focus on short term gains. But for me that's stupid. I focus no long term. This is how you lose fat, get rock solid abs, and keep it that way, so that you'll never have to worry about plump belly again.

I saw several videos of Artus Shakur and decided to buy his training program. Frankly it was the best decision that I made, following the diet plan, training and supplementation achieved in 8 weeks to lower my body fat percentage from 14.2% to 7.0% - 7.5% and also increase my muscle mass and reduce my weight from 205 pounds to 188. 

The process was strong, especially the diet, giving up all sweets, simple carbohydrates, fats and sodium. The first 3 weeks were the hardest but as the days went by, what started as a diet became a lifestyle. 

Artus thank you very much for sharing a little knowledge with me to help many people. Now my next personal goal is to increase my muscle mass and look for an opportunity to participate in a fitness show in mid-2013 and always maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training stronger every day.”

Manuel Jimenez

I watched your video on your website and follow your nutrition . I follow that (the breakfast, lunch and dinner...The between meals I figure it out by myself)... I have lost over 7% body fat... in about 3 months. I have pics before and after (like how I'm doing now)... I have 15% (right now less I think) body fat and I can start seeing my abs. a couple of months more of dieting and I will be at 10% =D.

The abs routine you have uploaded... had make more defined abs.. and my obliques look more fierce than ever =D"

Sebastian Marro

"I truly want to thank you because you are a true inspiration. Before my transformation, I was lazy, had little energy and had a very poor self image. Here is my six weeks result."

Trevor Faust

“I met Artus a few months back at the gym and within a few days we started training together. I couldn't believe the knowledge that Artus has about working out and how easy it is to change the human body with his routine. I use to spend well over an hour working out at the gym, but with Artus it was half the time I used to spend. Before Artus my weight was 226 lb. and 30% body fat, after working out with Artus for 3 months my weight went down to 189 lb. and 12% body fat. I would recommend his program to anyone who wants to get in shape. Thanks for everything Artus you changed my life.”

Jason Simpson

"Artus has been a huge inspirational for me and has really helped me improve my body to where it is today. He was able to give me valuable personalized feedback and take me through a killer ab routine that I still use to this day that has given me that extra edge that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else. I highly recommend his program, it will help you get amazing results."

Stefan Pylarinos

Getting abs requires work. 
But hard work alone is NOT ENOUGH. 
You also have to work RIGHT!

It’s just like when you’re working on a math problem, you can work hard and try to solve it, but if you’re using the wrong method or approach from the start, you’ll never get the solution.

To get the answer, you need to work RIGHT and use the RIGHT formulas or solutions!

I can't tell you how many times I've seen hardworking people slaving away in the gym, only to see minimal results.

The 3 Keys To Getting Washboard Abs 

If you've been sticking to diets or doing abs exercises to get your 6 pack to show, but haven't been seeing results, then you're probably working hard but NOT working right.

So here’s what YOU should do...

The Fact is there are ONLY 3 keys to getting washboard abs:

  1. A precise, fat burning cardio routine (A lot of people get this wrong. No, you do NOT have to run for hours every day. It really pains me to see hard-working people run so much and still not get results)
  2. A precise nutrition program that you can stick with (Again, a lot of people get this wrong. You do NOT have to deprive yourself of food you love or eat tasteless food everyday)
  3. A precise weight lifting routine that works specific muscles of your abs equally (This is where the "secret sauce" lies. Most of the abs exercise you're doing are either ineffective or just plain useless. I'll show you ab routines that you've probably never seen before, but are used by fitness models) 

I’ll show you precisely how to do the 3 keys above in Ultimate Abs Training so that you’ll finally get the kind of abs that all the girls are CRAZY about.

Following these 3 keys is the only sure-fire, and sustainable way to get amazing, washboard abs.

Here's why:

These 3 keys operate by the LAWS OF YOUR BODY, and are designed around a lifestyle that is more sustainable.

  • It’s based on PROVEN science, and it will work forever.
  • There's no magic pill, no weird diets that don't work, and no use of magic machines that "shake" your fat off.
  • It's the safest, most effective, and most sustainable way to lose fat and get the best abs you can ever get.

All the tricks and magic solutions you hear about out there are either ineffective or do NOT work for long. 

Maybe you could really burn fat by eating some secret foods. Maybe this abs blaster machine can really burn off some fat from your body.

But guess what? Once you stop using these things, you’re back to square one! 

What I use is designed around your lifestyle, so that it's more sustainable.

By following the Ultimate Abs Training system:

  • You’ll never have to kill yourself in the gym
  • You’ll never have to run for hours everyday
  • You’ll also never have to starve yourself

After years of being in the Fitness Modeling Industry, this is what I learned...

Because getting “fitness model” abs is such an EXACT and strict discipline, you have to get everything SPOT ON.

We are talking about the high level here, not just normal abs.

In all my years in the fitness industry, I’ve met many people with amazing abs.

I train with them, I see their routines, we help each other develop the most powerful routines for getting the best abs possible.

What you’ll learn in the Ultimate Abs Training is the absolute truth about getting abs.

It’s the things that WORK in fitness industry.

It’s the things that fitness models do to get the abs they have. 

Most abs programs out there are basic and give only mediocre results. 

They only provide basic training and exercises for developing abs, but show you how to develop the thickness and definition that you want to achieve. 

If you’re not interested in basic and mediocre, and you want to get “the look” that girls absolutely go crazy over, then click on the Add to Cart button below to secure your copy of Ultimate Abs Training...

You know “the look” I’m talking about? That lean, slick, well-defined stomach that just makes your body as a whole look fantastic!

If you look around, not many people have the “fitness model” abs.

Many people have normal abs.

But a set of “fitness model” abs is rare.

The fact is that we live in a world where people judge you by the way you look.

Look at the media. They are portraying “A-list guys” as guys with great abs and a hot body. Almost every girl I know wants to date a guy with a hot body and great abs.

It’s just the way it is.

If you want to feel happier, feel more confident about yourself, then building a set of beautiful, well-defined abs is one of the key steps to take.

Imagine taking off your shirt when you go to the beach, and having the girls stare at your abs in amazement...

Imagine girls who you don’t know actually coming up to talk to you in a bar...

It's the most amazing feeling ever.

I’ve never had that feeling before, and never imagined that I would have it, but once I had it, trust me - it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

That’s what you can experience if click on the Add to Cart button below and get Instant Access to Ultimate Abs Training!

If you're skeptical about this program, I completely understand.

After all there are many scams in the fitness industry!

That’s why I’d like you to try my program out, 100% risk free.

Ultimate Abs Training is backed by a full 6-week money-back guarantee.

That’s right - I want you to try out my program for 6 weeks and if you see no results whatsoever, I want you to email me and ask for a refund.


The fact is that I take pride in helping you. 

I love helping people become more confident, feel better about themselves, and just generally live a happier life.

In a world where people judge you by the way you look. I’ve seen people living a completely depressed life because of their insecurity with their body.

I’ve also seen people who lost their girlfriends and boyfriends because they are out of shape. 

I want to change that. 

It’s my passion to.

My true purpose is not to help you lose weight and get abs. That’s just the process to attaining the true goal - to be more confident and happy.

My true purpose is to help you be happier by helping you get the best abs of your life.

Providing a money back guarantee is a measure of how confident I am that Ultimate Abs Training will work for you. 

So why wait?

Here’s the fact: If you don’t start doing the RIGHT things to get the abs you want, you’ll NEVER get it.

The longer you wait... 

  • The longer you’ll be embarrassed by taking off your shirt in the beach
  • The longer you’ll have to “suck it” your stomach when you’re out of the house 
  • The longer you’ll feel insecure, and less confident about yourself

The faster you take action, the faster you’ll feel amazing, and live a better life. 

So click on the Add to Cart button below, and I’ll see you on the inside.


Artus Shakur



PS: This is the ONLY abs program in the market that shows you how to get that higher level of abs - the “fitness model” abs that few people truly ever achieve. 

And the information in this program is based on my years as a fitness model, competing at the HIGHEST level. No tricks, no gimmicks, just highly effective fat burning and abs carving methods that have worked for me and tons of other fitness models in the industry. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, get all the girls' attention, and generally feel amazing about yourself, you’re only one click away.

1) Killing yourself in the gym or doing thousands of sit ups doesn't work - if you did thousands of sit ups and haven’t seen your abs, you’ve proven my point.

2) Running for hours everyday doesn't work - if you go for runs very often, but still haven’t seen your abs, you’ve proven my point

3) Eating less to lose fat doesn't work - if you’ve tried eating less, but still haven’t seen your abs, you’ve proven my point.

4) Magic pills or Abs Belts that “shake” away your fat doesn’t work - if you’ve tried any of these, but still haven’t seen your abs, you’ve also proven my point.

Believe it or not, the fitness industry method of getting washboard abs does not require doing any of the above.

My many months of researching and testing showed me EXACTLY what worked and what didn't work.

So I just kept doing what worked, and stopped doing what didn’t work.

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Professional Fitness Model reveals industry secrets to getting "Fitness Model" Abs in12 weeks

Artus Shakur

When I looked at my own abs, I felt insecure and I suffered from a lack of confidence

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